Welcome to Missouri Seniors’ Legal HelpLine

The HelpLine offers free and confidential legal information for Missourians 60 and older.
It provides information on legal issues that may be encountered by seniors. When legal advice or representation is required, a referral will be made to an appropriate pro bono or reduced fee attorney based on the type of legal need and the senior’s location. You may search for a full fee attorney by accessing either of the following sites:
The HelpLine cannot help with criminal or municipal cases or a person who is imprisoned. The HelpLine cannot assist with the defense of a senior who is being evicted when the reason for that eviction is due to charges against the senior for the illegal sale or distribution of a controlled substance.
You can get legal information about many non-criminal issues including:
  • Health Insurance (Medicare/Advantage, Medicaid, long term care insurance)
  • Housing (landlord/tenant, home repair fraud, nursing home residents rights, reverse mortgages)
  • Family (Guardianship and mental capacity, abuse/neglect, financial exploitation/undue influence, divorce, grandfamilies, dependents with developmental disabilities or mental illness)
  • Consumer (credit, loans, collections, contracts, bankruptcy, fraud)
  • Benefits (Social Security, Veterans, Medicaid, property tax credit, utility assistance)
By getting legal information when you need it, you can prevent or resolve problems, avoid being victimized, remain independent and make better plans for your future. Use the Legal HelpLine to get the information you need on:
  • Estate Planning (durable power of attorney, wills, property transfers, end of life arrangements)
  • Individual rights ( discrimination based on age or disability, employment)
  • Natural disaster recovery (navigating and understanding the paperwork, casualty insurance issues)
  • Legal documents (what it means, how to respond, whether and where to file it)
Use this online Legal HelpLine to get general information about many legal topics. If you need more specific legal information, click on Contact Us or phone the Missouri Seniors’ Legal HelpLine at 1-800-235-5503.

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