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Welcome to the Missouri Seniors' Legal HelpLine.

Seniors encounter numerous barriers to accessing legal assistance. Our goal is to integrate the Aging and Legal Networks to best serve seniors with the greatest social and economic needs by enhancing access to information and services.
While some seniors’ legal needs are being addressed through current agencies such as the Legal Service Corporations and the MO Bar’s Lawyer Referral Services, other seniors are falling through the cracks. Federal funding through the Older Americans Act for senior legal services is very limited and quickly exhausted. Many seniors are not receiving critical legal help because their income is slightly above the poverty level which may make them ineligible for legal aid services. The Missouri Senior Legal HelpLine will address these gaps by increasing the number of available pro bono and low cost attorneys and match these attorneys to Missouri seniors who are at the greatest risk.
Seniors who contact the HelpLine are screened by Area Agency on Aging staff to identify the legal problem and may be offered legal information. Seniors who need legal advice in order to understand rights or to pursue a remedy are screened for economic/social need and offered a referral to a Legal Services Corporation or to a volunteer attorney.
Please click on “Register as a New Volunteer Attorney” above and help MO seniors by providing pro bono legal advice on how to deal with legal challenges. Select the legal issue(s) you will address.
Senior legal services programs in other states find that most callers’ needs can be met with legal advice and brief service such as drafting a letter or document. Attorneys can meet these needs by phone. A short follow up letter to remind the senior of steps to take to resolve the problem can help the senior to benefit from your advice.
If you determine that the senior needs more extensive legal services, you may choose to offer pro bono or reduced fee services to a senior in your area .If you are not able to provide more extensive services, please refer the senior to legal aid or another source of low cost legal assistance if available.
If low-cost legal services are not available, the Lawyer Referral Service at the Missouri Bar, Bar Association of Metropolitan St Louis or Springfield Metropolitan Bar can help the senior who lives farther away to locate an attorney. Please explain that there is a $25 fee for a 30 minute consultation with a full-fee attorney in private practice.
Area Agency on Aging staff will refer the senior to you by sending a “conflict of interest” form to your office. No attorney-client relationship is established until after you have contact with the senior.
"Access" pages will be accessible by registered attorneys and mediators only by means of an individualized password. No access will be available to the public.
Attorneys agreeing to address senior legal issues can sign up to provide:
  • Pro bono services by area of expertise and location of county office/counties of practice;
  • Low or reduced fee services by area of expertise and location of county office/counties of practice;
  • Mediation pro bono services by area of expertise and geographic location;
  • Mentoring (in the attorney’s area of expertise) to volunteer attorneys;
  • Training to volunteer attorneys on elder law issues; and/or
  • Public presentations on senior legal issues at local community events.
Attorneys will also be allowed to temporarily remove their name from the list for a period of time when they are unavailable due to workload, vacation, or other reasons.
This site will also offer support by providing resources, mentoring and training. You may elect to sign up to offer some of these supports to other attorneys doing pro bono work for the HelpLine. And, you may access these supports when doing pro bono work yourself. Supports include:
  • Law firms, government or corporate offices may provide resources to pro bono attorneys such as conference or meeting rooms, office equipment, access to law library, or other means of support.
  • Law students to provide assistance to pro bono attorneys.
  • Experienced attorneys to mentor volunteer attorneys in the mentor’s area of expertise.
  • An online list of available training events on elder law and other topics relevant to senior legal needs, including HelpLine sponsored training offering free CLEs.
The state of Missouri provides malpractice coverage for volunteer attorneys providing legal services without compensation through a government or nonprofit social service agency. The nonprofit or government agency is required to provide information on all pro bono attorneys to the Attorney General each year. This information consists of the name, address, telephone number, Missouri Bar number, an estimate of hours of pro bono worked and a general description of the area of practice. (15CSR 60-14.030(2))
To allow for standard data collection and as a time-saving measure for generating reports, attorneys will be able to enter this and other information that will allow the HelpLine to collect and disseminate data to continue to identify the legal needs of Missouri seniors.